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This is a quaint fishing village with a blissful Mediterranean setting and Cape fynbos greeting you along the roads.

Paternoster won’t offer you shopping malls, cinema theatres or any of these sorts.
It’s a very small place with residential homes, open spaces of beach and ocean and a few places to enjoy a meal, coffee and drinks.
The perfect getaway holiday.
Feeling free and connected with nature and very far from the city life.

It’s close to Shelly Point(approx 20min), Langebaan, Saldahana, and Vredenburg. These are all bigger towns where there are pharmacies, shopping centre’s and fuel stations are available. There’s a very small fuel station in Paternoster.
It would be best to fill up in a city before driving to Paternoster and perhaps have a 2 litres fuel can with fuel handy when leaving this town and going back to Cape Town.

Fresh(but uncooked) crayfish can be obtained from the locals at the beach front.
You will find a mini market and bakery on the left before entering the town.
Yes, indeed a very quaint beach village!

Die Voorstrandt, Paternoster Hotel, Skatkis

Die Voorstrandt, Paternoster Hotel, Skatkis

The west-coast area is flat with distant hills in the background and offers a variety of flora that happily welcomes visitors.
It’s great to simply take the car and drive in the area and take photographs or to have car picnics in the field!
The Cape Columbine lighthouse is visible from the beach and daytrips can be taken to the lighthouse for day picnics.

The locals, especially the children make in-expensive decorative art mobiles from shells where visitors can support them as this is a source of income for them.
When visiting, encourage the locals to make you a mobile art that is shaped differently to a heart.
This enables them to think laterally, having a different product than the rest of the community and it teaches them to become a unique entrepreneur.

Wine & liquor can be purchased in the only liquor store opposite the The Stone Fish Studio

Paternoster Hotel
Or pack a picnic basket and enjoy on the beach

Die Voorstrandt, Paternoster Hotel, Skatkis