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Spring – November & December 2011 Newsletter


Welcome to the 2nd edition of The Soleil Collection monthly newsletter!


Well done, you made another year!


Firstly we want to remind you of the Kirstenbosch Open air summer concerts starting end of November 2011. You can download the program here or contact:  (+27 21) 761 2866/


November gets warmer and is it is a good time to visit Cape Town. There’s usually no wind, children still attend school, most people work and before they take December holiday and beaches are not so packed during the week. However, don’t be fooled by the crisp and sometimes icy breeze throughout December.



Be prepared for four seasons!

Make sure you pack a warm vest, short sleeve t-shirts/blouses/skirts/jeans and dresses, a summer scarf, 1x pair closed shoes and 1xpair sandals and a cardigan. For those with ‘thin skin’ or ‘cold blood’ bring something warmer than just a cardigan. But don’t forget the sunscreen! The sun’s rays are extremely powerful and when the wind blows one doesn’t realize how the skin burns ! Therefore bring thy armor: Suncreen, hat & Polaroid sunglasses



For all surf junkies, ocean lovers, dreamers , photographers, videographers, film makers, beach bums…

The Surf film will be showing on 9 Dec 2011 on Clifton 4th beach. Click here for more info



Bringing the kids to Cape Town is exciting! So much to do, but where to start? See here to find a variety of great activities & ideas for the kids.



Be on the look-out for signs displaying “Specials” in Independent stores as well as Commercial malls or in the newspapers.

Stores such as: Coffee bars, Grocery stores, restaurants, home & gift stores, jeweler stores to photographic equipment stores offer lowered prices for last minute gift shopping.


Remember to drop us your comments on things you want to do and places you would like to hear about.

Stay safe, enjoy summer and see you in 2012!


Best Wishes,

The Soleil Team



The beauties of Spring – October 2011


 For some of you that are well acquainted with languages, you might now what Soleil stands for. Soleil is French for the Sun.


We want travelers, (whether on business or pleasure) to come and enjoy the warm African sun. Yes, here where the Sun shines, under the African Sky.


October is a wonderful month for travelers to visit the beautiful Cape. The weather behaves itself and makes all living creatures come out of their shell. It’s usually wind-free, cool in the mornings, sunny during the day and cool at night. It gives a sense of ‘re-birth’! Yes, coming alive again and breaking away from the dull and quiet winter into a minefield of blossoms & activities enjoyed in the sun.


Flowers are in bloom and it’s a must to travel up the West coast to view a breathtaking bouquet of flora. The west coast is flat, with a few hills here and there, with mountains in the distance.  Therefore, an open vista portraits a picturesque landscape with varieties of colourful flora  stretching into the country.


Not only does the temperature climb during October but activities ‘climb’ too! Yes, no more sitting at home watching dvd’s, going to the movies or having dinner parties. The time has finally arrive for outdoor junkies to paraglide from Table Mountain, climb Lion’s head, kayak along the coast, abseil on our beautiful mountain ranges, having pool & braai (BBQ) parties or just simply enjoying a picnic in your own garden.


Whale watching usually starts from August and most whales can be spotted in happy Hermanus and in some parts along the coast of the Atlantic Seaboard (between Sea Point and Hout Bay).


If you’re a music fan, keep a program handy for the Kirstenbosch Open air Summer concerts & picnic starting from November 2012. Click here to discover more about Kirstenbosch Summer concerts. Note that this is 2010 programme and the latest will follow in our November newsletter.


We wish you and your family a happy & sunny 2011 October!


Yours Sincerely,

The Soleil Team